Body scrubs are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Body scrubs work by exfoliating the outermost layer of dead skin cells, revealing softer, younger looking skin. Recommended for all skin types, and your choices :

Coconut Scrub
60 min - Rp 185,000

Coconut ScrubCoconut body scrub is one of the most luxurious and efficient ways to hydrate and exfoliate skin.Delight your senses as you exfoliate your skin with coconut, regarded as a natural aid to sensitive skin.

​Avocado Scrub​
60 min's - Rp 185,000

This treatment is rich in vitamins and natural oils to soften dry or sun exposed skin

​Aloe Vera Scrub​
60 min - Rp 185,000

 A fantastic moisturizing body scrub recipe. The sea salt exfoliating while the Aloe Vera deeply penetrates your skin to deeply hydrate, moisturize and encourage soft, supple skin. This scrub leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and smooth. 

​Strawberry Scrub
​60 min - Rp 185,000

Rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, strawberry scrub deep cleanses and functions as a natural antiseptic. The perfect exfoliating, conditioning, and softening treatment will reveal radian skin.

​Green tea Scrub
60 min -  Rp 185,000

Pure green tea contains powerful anti-oxidants, helping to minimize the formation of acne, cellulite and stretch marks. Refine and smooth your entire body with an essential infusion of green tea extract to achieve glowing skin.

​Aromatic Coffee
60 min - Rp 185,000

This treatment of traditional body cleansing combines ground coffee beans, fine pumice and red rice powder to produce an exotic exfoliate to revitalize the skin soothe and relax the body.

All Prices are subject changes without notice.

Cancellation Policy : Please cancel at least 4hours prior to avoid a 50% cancellation charge.

Free transportation to and from 3D Spa (Nusa Dua Area only) with minimum payment Rp 250,000 (up to 4 people)