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Cancellation Policy : Please cancel at least 4hours prior to avoid a 50% cancellation charge.

   Free transportation to and from 3D Spa (BTDC Nusa Dua Area only) with minimum payment Rp 250,000 (up to 4 people)


       3D Aromatic Massage            (RECOMMENDED)

This blend of classical body work techniques is designed for relaxation. Choose your favorite essences oil or aromatherapy blend to enhance the soothing effects of gentle to medium pressure body work.


 120 min - Rp 300,000

   90 min - Rp 250,000

   60 min - Rp 170,000


Dry Scalp Massage (New Launching)


Relax and unwind with our head tingling scalp massage, stimulating and soothing all in one.


30 min’s Rp 100,000 

Balinesse Massage (Full Body Massage)
120 min - Rp 250,000
  90 min - Rp 200,000
  60 min - Rp 135,000
This massage combines historical reference from many cultures, especially Chinese, Indian and European influences, which form the foundation of Balinese traditions. Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy with essential oil to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy around your body, and bring a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation.

Balinese Massage + Face Massage with Product (NEW)

90 Min's Rp 225,000

Balinese Massage + Body Scrub/Mask/Facial

120 Min's Rp 300,000

Balinese Massage + Hair Creambath by Matrix

120 Min's Rp 330,000

Sun Burn Treatment

60 Min's Rp 170,000

( Using a warm oil aromatherapy)
60 min - Rp 130,000
30 min - Rp   75,000
Reflexology is the ancient technique of foot massage that focuses on pressure points corresponding to the body’s vital organ. This invigorating treatment promotes an overall sense of well-being and increased energy while providing the ultimate comforting experience for the feet.

Reflexology (Foot & Neck, Shoulder, Hand Massage) NEW 

60 min's Rp 155,000

90 min's Rp 200,000

​Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
60 min - Rp 155,000
30 min - Rp   85,000

Back, neck and shoulder aromatic massage A soothing back and neck massage using essential oils to ease tired and tense muscles.

​Hot Stone Massage
120 min - Rp 450,000
  90 min - Rp 375,000

Amazing form of body relaxation combines the use of warm and cold stones to bring relief to stiff and sore muscles. Alternating between the warm and cool elements, helps to provide a deeper sense of inner calm and balance. Relax with a specific back, neck and shoulder massage.

Shiatsu Massage
90 min’s Rp 300,000

Developed in Japan, shiatsu is a finger-pressure technique utilizing traditional acupuncture points. This massage involves pressure applied along the energy meridians and acupressure points of the body in order to unblock and balance the body’s energy. Massage does not use oil.

4 Hands Massage

120 min - Rp 450,000

  90 min’- Rp 375,000


4 Hands Massage This massage has two therapists working in union with synchronous hands and arms flowing seamlessly over your entire body




( recommend scheduling your appointment as we need to reserve two therapist) 

 Slimming Massage (Promo Price)
​​90 min- Rp 350,000

A treatment that involves rubbing or kneading the muscles, especially in the stomach and thigh areas, in order to reduce flab and cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity. It uses oil that specially formulated to help fight stubborn fat, reduces flab , firms skin while bringing absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body.


​Deep Tissue Massage​​ 
90 min - Rp 300,000

Deep Tissue Massage A deep massage that works on the body’s pressure points to help balance energy levels and establish a feeling of well-being.

High Heel Treatment
90 min Rp 300,000

Pamper your feet, having a pedicure plus massage, scrub and leg mask, may directly alleviate these painful areas after wearing high heels and pointy toed shoes. Your feet will thank you as we relax your tired feet and make them look beautiful.

Espa Fitness Treatment
90 min Rp 300,000
 Our fabulous Espa fitness oil will be used to deeply warm and relax the body to help relieve tired aching muscle. Enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a food and leg massage. Then indulge in an Espa personalized facial and scalp massage.
​Couples Massage ( with mini facial treatment)
90 min Rp 700,000

 Enjoy a special hour of relaxation with your loved one. Includes one hour massage with warm oil therapy for two people, your choice of therapy. Provided by our expert massage therapist in our relaxing couples massage room and mini facial.

( Please email to schedule as we need to reserve two therapists for this time)



(we recommend scheduling your appointment as we need to reserve two therapist)